Red Gate Art Studio art classes for young people are a series of directed art sessions with Marie Louise Egar, an experienced teacher and artist.


Over the course of the series, students learn design principles and basic design elements including line, shape, size, tone, texture and colour.


Students are encouraged to experiment with art to expand their knowledge of mediums and techniques. They are given the space to play with colours and textures, using a wide range of materials including acrylic paint, pencil, pastel, charcoal, and mixed media.

Exposure to both contemporary and traditional artists means that students gain an understanding not only of the process of making art, but also of the broader scope of art and its important place in the world. 


Classes for Young People

Classes are conducted within the four terms of the school year.

  • Small classes for young people are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings (dependant on enrolment).
  • Classes run for 2hrs per session.

Term Fees

Enrolment costs for school age students include all materials. 

(For adult art classes and private art classes, fees will be negotiated separately).