Red Gate Art Studio

Welcome to the red gate art studio

A place to explore and learn




Our art classes for young people are directed art sessions, led by an experienced teacher and artist. Our students explore the basic elements and principles of design including line, shape, size, tone, texture and colour, using a wide range of quality materials...


The Teacher & The Artist

Marie Louise Egar has 30 years experience as a classroom and visual arts teacher in schools. She's a passionate teacher and an advocate for exploration in learning, ensuring every student gets the opportunity to embrace their creative genius with art....


The Studio Is Our Creative Space

As blossoming artists, environment Inspires and informs our work.


The Red Gate Art Studio is the perfect PLace for young people to explore their ART.


The Studio

Our purpose-built studio is flooded with natural light, always stocked with high quality resources, and on class days is filled with eager and engaged young artists!


The Garden

The garden provides a tranquil natural setting for the studio, allowing students to embrace the beauty of the natural world as they delve deeper into their creative selves.

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The Exhibitions

The studio provides a place to learn and to appreciate each other's work. As well as hosting classes, the studio transforms for exhibitions of student work.