Marie Louise Egar


the artist


Art has been my life-long passion. I’ve experimented with many media throughout my career as an artist and teacher — from painting, drawing and printmaking, to design, textiles and ceramics — but painting remains my first joy. My work means I’m constantly immersed in art, from both historical and living artists, with their diversity of style and techniques. I endeavour to expose my students to a wide array of art, and in doing so have informed my own work.

I draw inspiration from the still life work of French artist Cézanne in his unique use of colour, application of paint, and his use of fruit and fabrics. Closer to home, Australian Margaret Olley inspires me with her depiction of the the everyday, with those familiar bits and pieces of the ordinary made extraordinary.

While you won’t find Olley-style clutter in my studio, we share a common inspiration; my art is often rooted in my love of home and garden, the familiar settings that absorb my personal history and become the permanent remnants of my life. I live in an eclectic mix of the old and the new, the created and the found, the well-used and the well-preserved. Creating and curating my personal space with objects and colours that speak to me keeps me forever inspired and is an essential part of my artistic process. 

For me, as for many artists, painting is a creative outlet and a meditative process. The creation of a painting is personal. It’s my own unique interpretation of subject matter through colour and tone, the way light and shadow play on objects and fabric under my scrutiny. I enjoy painting what I see; I bring 3D shapes to life on a 2D surface by introducing a light source, without which the image can’t take on its third dimension. Whether it’s from a still life scene — art in its own right — or from a photograph, I enjoy observing composition, how the eye moves around the subject, how light and line and colour bring life to a flat surface. 

Like my students, I'm engaged with learning. I believe strongly that every day gives us all an opportunity to grow in our craft and learn important lessons through exploration. I am constantly inspired by the enthusiasm and creativity of my students at the Red Gate Art Studio. 


What others have said...

“ML’s work is highly individualised in style and application of colour.”

“Her subject matter is dynamic, with strong and interesting compositions. She has a good seeing eye and is able to translate her experience of a subject so others can enjoy.”